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Birgitte Sonneby
Born 1964

In my early twenties I took classes in Kroki, Aquarell and acrylic.
And just short after I started to paint with acrylic. And then there was an inspiration to make art by print, wich made me to do Monotypi, not to forget the collage wich I also make.
But the white canvas, is such an unbounded opportunity to express ones feelings, with colours. And with all the possibilities of different art styles, that one can make, it just makes me so facinated, that I have to paint. Different artcourses and technics have been there, during the years.
Recently I got introduced to an artist who use a large squeeges, in his paintings, and they are so great that I had to try it. I find it so fantastic to use the squeeges, but I also use brushes, and spunges to give some diversity.
I live on the countryside, its so beautiful, its near the ocean -Kattegat, north-west Zealand, here is a lot of beaches around, wich give a speciel light to the area. Just like the light they have in Skagen, - the fare most north of Denmark.
The history tells that the artist who lived 100 years agoe, they came from Copenhagen to Rørvig and Skagen because of the light we have.




My style up to now, has been very wide, wich you can see under my art history. I have sold my art to the Us and Canada, but mainly to the Danish people, both abstract and impressionistic.
I have held exhibitions since 1999 In 2007 I were teaching art to different compagnies, ex.
Saxo Bank and Accenture. It was art courses for 30 - 40 people to enhance their corporation.
I started to teach art at Rørvig folkhighschool, 2009. And I teach art in a day and evening school, FOF since
sept. 2017. In spring 2018 I opened my own gallery.



Det Gl. Medborger hus, Kolding 1999*

Erhvervs Fremmehuset, Silkeborg 2000*

Intel, Skovlunde 2001*

Politigården, København 2002*

Marsing, Greve 2003*

Vesterkopi, København 2003*

Cafe Piccolo, Frederiksberg 2003*

Værdipapircentralen,Tåstrup 2004*

Amtsgården, Glostrup 2004*

CPU, Tåstrup 2004*

Cafe del Oure` Frederiksberg 2004*

Kursuscenter Tara, Næstved 2005*

Restaurant Flow, København 2006*

Rockwool, Hedehusene 2006*

Saxo Bank, Hellerup 2007*

Galleri Lind, Århus 2008*

Cafe Martins Nykøbing 2012*

Sundhedscentret, Nykøbing 2012*

Sundhedscentret, Nykøbing 2013*

Højbyhotel, Højby 2013*

Hørve fritidscenter, 2016*

AKIO Grå hal, Nykøbing 2016*

Roskilde Hospital 2016*

Holbæk Hospital 2016*

AKIO, Grå hal. Nykøbing Sj. 2017*

Galleri Arta22, Nykøbing Sj. 2018*

Gallery SonnebyArt, Rørvig 2018/2019*

Restaurant Nokken, Nykøbing Sj. marts 2020*